5 ways to add Zinc Quotient to your Garden

Garden planters, pots, watering cans are among the many accessories made from galvanized iron or zinc as it is more commonly referred to, which can add a cool quotient in the garden. Galvanized iron is in fact, iron with a protective coat of zinc, which makes it resistant to rust. Needless to say zinc accessories won’t break either. So come rain, shine or snow, these accessories can withstand a lot, and last a long time. While natural galvanized iron comes in a shiny silvery color, garden products in zinc today are available in many different  finishes to suit individual styles and preferences. So let’s look at few ideas to add zinc to your garden this summer.


Flower pots: Zinc flower pots are the obvious first. The shapes, sizes and colors available in the market are endless and there is something for everybody. Round, oval, tall, short, sleek, shiny, embossed, engraved, retro or modern, in antique color finishes or bright colors, with handles and without. Just take your pick from the myriad choices available.


Watering cans: Zinc watering cans are handy as well as sturdy, and likely to last much longer than their plastic counterparts. They come in many shapes and sizes and some even with embellishments like floral embossed patterns, or with faded colors for a faux antique look. In fact, you can convert a  zinc watering can into a funky planter too for your favorite summer blooms.

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Garden lamps: What would a perfect summer evening be without some nice lamps and lanterns placed strategically around while you sit out and enjoy the weather? Once again, zinc lights the way with the sheer variety of options available, whether big or small. Whether it is small tea light lamps that you prefer, or large lanterns in modern or antique finishes or a simple shepherds’ lamp you can place strategically on the garden table, zinc lamps are the way to go.



Stakes and trellises: What is a garden without some metal stakes to add some decorative character well beyond when the last flower has dried out and trellises for your favorite creepers to climb? And what other than galvanized iron again to do the trick. Large metal wire hearts are an all time favorite and come in many shapes and sizes. Use them to grow your creepers around in the summer and for wrapping decorative lights around in the winter for a nice festive look during the Christmas season, when everything around is bare and gray.

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Garden furniture: A nice zinc table, some folding chairs are useful accessories that you can leave outside all summer without fear of being destroyed by the weather. When the weather is perfect, all you need is to add a few nice colourful cushions to the chairs, a pretty throw maybe, add a pretty table cloth on the table, light up some lamps around in the evening and relax with a bottle of your favorite wine.


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