5 sandstone pieces to add individual character to your garden

Beautiful, strong and long lasting. Nothing like a few sandstone pieces to make your garden – whether big or small – stand out. Used in India through the centuries to build temples, buildings and monuments which have survived the ravages of time and weather, sandstone artefacts can withstand sun, rain and snow, and are frost safe too. Here are a few ideas of how you can add sandstone to add decorative and individual character to your garden.

Sandstone Pots: Sandstone pots are available in all shapes and sizes, often hand carved, the old traditional way. If you have a large garden, you will be spoilt for choice and can go for some nice big planters in any shape you desire to strategically place at visible vantage points along the entrance, at the corner of the lawn or by the driveway. If you like traditional designs, nothing like a few nicely carved urn shaped planters for your favourite blooms to give your garden a truly classical feel. And if modern is the way you would rather go, opt for something simple with straight lines and carved with no embellishments. Even if you do not have a big garden, a few small sandstone pots in varied shapes are great for the courtyard, deck or even balcony.



Sandstone benches: Nothing like a strong solid bench to sit for a few moments to relax and appreciate your garden, and what better than a sandstone bench which is functional as well as decorative and maintenance free as well. So if you have the space along your house or at the corner of the garden, a sandstone bench is just what you need. You can go for something basic and simple in roughly chiselled sandstone, which look rustic and are also lighter on the pocket, or something finely hand carved akin to integrating a piece of art in your garden. Take your pick!

Sandstone birdbaths: Birdbaths are delightful additions for the garden. What better way to attract some feathered visitors to your garden in the summer, than a nice sandstone birdbath placed somewhere which is visible and attractive both for you and the birds, like under the shade of your favourite tree. You can go for something simple in a basic round shape with enough carved design elements to make it decorative as well as functional.

Sandstone sculptures: Pieces of sandstone sculpture are an easy and low maintenance way of integrating art into your garden. Again, depending on the size of your garden and your personal preference, the sky is the limit on selecting sandstone pieces. A large and beautifully hand carved elephant or tiger can form the centrepiece of your garden, and make a definite statement. And if big is not your style, or you are constrained for space, go small, with sandstone mushrooms which look great among the plants, or even when the surroundings are stark and bare in the winter. Small sandstone birds, frogs or gnomes are other options you could think of. For a simple modern option, integrate some nice simple balls in different sizes made of rainbow sandstone which has nice natural hues into your flower beds, or simply placed at the edge of the lawn

Sandstone elephant

Sandstone elephant

Sandstone fountains: Few sounds are as calming and tranquil than the sound of water cascading gently down a fountain. And if you like fountains, sandstone ones come in many size and shape options to suit every style. So take your pick from large tiered statement centre pieces, to gently cascading options you can integrate in a quiet corner of the garden, or something simple like a sandstone sphere spouting water which fit into your deck or courtyard.

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